Behind the Box

boxsmith-1-19.jpgI’m Kim Steiner, a gift designer based out of Calgary and gift   strategist elevating my clients gifting game with memorable gifts that are distinguishable and on-brand.

I was born and raised in Victoria now settled in Calgary with my husband Mike, and our family of two children and a couple of ginger kitties! I love coffee and can be found watching reality television, not the Real Housewives kind, more like Survivor.

After two decades in corporate sales I decided to take a leap of faith and start the business I had always wanted. I never imagined the path it would take me to, or, that it would be one of the best decisions I could have made. It has allowed me to be creative everyday, spend time with clients developing strategy around gifting, be home close to my hubby and kids, and meet some extraordinary people along the way.

Not only do I love all the pretty details that come along with gift wrap and ribbon, I love knowing that I can curate a memorable gift that perfectly reflects my clients brand. I love seeing the sheer joy in the faces of my clients when they see their finished gift for the first time, the excitement that comes over them when they see all details have come together.

Why boxSMITH? I get asked that a lot, what does that mean? Like anyone mastering their craft (think Goldsmith or a Locksmith), I am a master of my craft in pursuit of purposeful gifting. From client appreciation and staff recognition to special events like weddings, I develop and deliver meaningful custom gifts.

Kim xo

PS - Be sure to check out my pre-designed collection for everyday occasions. It was created with you (and me) in mind, as a busy mom and wife, I know it takes time to come up with thoughtful birthday, anniversary or thank you gifts. Happy shopping!