Lavender Love (last one)



Lavender Love Includes:

Creamy Earl Grey Tea from Rosso. This is a classic flavour of Earl Grey tea but with more of a creamy, balanced, complex flavour.

Crunchy Quinoa Toffee Thins from Blissfully Better. Our crunchy quinoa toffee thins are full of the well known and highly nutritious superfood quinoa. Four squares in each box and just four ingredients! Each piece is coated in 72% dark chocolate and the only sweetener used is low-glycemic coconut nectar, never refined sugar!

Lavender & Lemon Champagne Cocktail Cubes from Yes Cocktail Co. Take your sparkling cocktail game to the next level with these organic cane sugar cubes infused with essential oils and bitters. It's just the right touch of flavor to enhance your champagne or favorite spirit, not cover it up. Not too sweet, not too overpowering. One cube is all you need to transform your champagne or club soda cocktail into a sparkling celebration!

Lavender Bath Bomb from Soak Bath Co. Grab your favorite candle, that book you've been meaning to read for weeks now and a hot cup of tea. Draw yourself a nice warm bath and get ready to indulge in the nourishing oils of this moisturizing bath bomb. Create an at home spa experience with lavender buds that will float on top of the water as the bath bomb fizzes. Indulge in the relaxing aromatherapy of lavender essential oil and feel your body relax from its soothing properties.

Tout de Sweet Organic Lavender Caramels. Made with 100% organic ingredients, these decadent sweets are made using whipping cream and butter, infused with organic dried lavender to give this caramel a light, aromatic floral note.

Beautifully presented in a white gift box 11 x 11 x 5 inch, tied with ribbon and finished with a handwritten note card.

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