Welcome to boxSMITH Modern Gifts

Welcome to boxSMITH Modern Gifts

Published by Kim Steiner May 2020 on 2014 Feb 15th

Kim Steiner is the founder and owner of boxSMITH In a past life, she spent 20 years in corporate sales... but found a gaping hole for beautiful, thoughtful gifts. She took a leap of faith and today, she pours heart & soul (and all of her creativity) into crafting beautiful gift boxes. 

Not only does she love all of the pretty details that come along with gift wrap and ribbon, she loves knowing that she can curate a memorable gift perfectly suited to each recipient. 

Kim is the happiest when she’s kicking back at home with a delicious glass of wine and snuggling up with her family and doggie sidekick. She lives for wide open spaces, blue skies, and fresh mountain air. 

When you have a hundred other things to cross off your to-do list, boxSMITH Modern Gifts can take this off your plate and keep your gifting game strong. Perfect for bridal parties, new parents, or even as an employee recognition award.